About TUPLS Policy

Sprit of Foundation

Flore Pharmacia! Flore Scientia Vitae! 花咲け、薬学・生命科学


To educate individuals to become generous in mind, able to view the world with a broad-minded perspective reflecting the spirit of humanism, and able to contribute to the welfare of humanity and world peace through the fields of pharmacy and life sciences.


  • We seek to provide a superior, student-centered educational environment and to respect the right of students to learn.
  • We also seek to provide a high-quality education based on academic study, encouraging high ethical standards and nurturing highly motivated and capable people in the fields of pharmacy and life sciences.
  • As an educational institution that serves society, we strive to manage our university in close cooperation with medical and research institutions to maximize our contribution to the community and the workplace.
  • Finally, we work to create a university in which every faculty and staff member is constantly striving to improve and can enjoy both their personal growth and the learning progress of their students.