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The School of Pharmacy and the School of Life Sciences offer a well-rounded curriculum to enable students to acquire advanced, specialized knowledge. Students use their time profitably and also find time to enjoy their lives on the Hachioji campus with its abundant natural beauty. On campus there are many facilities such as restaurants, shops, and athletic fields to support student life and student activities. Students can join sports teams or clubs dedicated to cultural activities, sciences, or academic pursuits. Most students join a club of their choosing and become actively involved in research projects or other activities. They have a great experience as university students, developing strong friendships with other students both older and younger. In addition to club activities, there is a school culture festival, sports festival, and time for making academic presentations, all planned and carried out by students themselves. The culture festival is an especially memorable event, reflecting a contemporary theme each year, on which the students cooperate to make happen.


To provide equal opportunity education, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences offers scholarships to students who have a strong desire to study at the university and who demonstrate good health, character, and academic background yet are unable to enroll for economic reasons. The university also offers special scholarships to students for academic excellence. We also encourage the enrollment of both Japanese students and students from other countries by accepting government and other scholarships.