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Flore Pharmacia! Flore Scientia Vitae! 花咲け、薬学・生命科学

Chairperson's Greeting

The Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, founded in 1880, is the oldest private pharmaceutical education institution in Japan.
Its founder, Dr. Masakata Fujita, recognized the need for practical pharmaceutical education as a means of improving the health and hygiene of the civilian population as modern Japan developed. Accordingly, he founded the Tokyo Pharmaceutists School to train pharmacists with an emphasis on basic education.
This founding spirit of the university has been passed on to its successors and has continued to develop: first, as a private school for pharmacists (first school president Dr. Junichiro Shimoyama); then as the Tokyo College of Pharmacy (first school president Dr. Keizo Tanba); and finally as the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (first school president Dr. Yoshiatsu Murayama). As of April 2020, a total of 41,232 students have graduated from this institution over its 140-year history.

Fumiyo Kusu, Chairperson

In addition to their work as pharmacists in hospitals and pharmacies, our graduates have upheld the spirit of our founder and have contributed to society both in Japan and around the world in various fields such as education and research in life sciences and pharmacy, distribution, information services, health and hygiene, and the development and production of pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics.
Our graduates are also passionate about training the next generation of students at the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and are a particularly valuable resource for us.

Circumstances surrounding the health and hygiene of the people of Japan have changed continually, but healthcare in this country is now undergoing a major transformation. It faces the advent of personalized and regenerative medicine, as well as a declining number of children, the advent of a super-aging society, and the internationalization of healthcare that is seen as a global standard.
The Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, which provides training in both fundamental and applied skills through the School of Pharmacy and the School of Life Sciences, has prepared a training and research environment suitable to the needs of these changing times.
The Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences incorporated educational institution supports education that allows each student to achieve his or her personal growth, and focuses on research to achieve results befitting a university graduate school. It aims to “be generous in mind, able to see the world with a broad-minded perspective based on the spirit of humanism, and able to contribute to the welfare of humanity and world peace through the fields of pharmacy and the life sciences.” We strive continuously to embody the philosophy of our university.

Pharmacology and Life Sciences are extremely interesting fields of study, encompassing not only the human body but also human behavior and health, and make significant contributions to society through the field of medicine.
To all of you who share this interest, why don’t we study together! “The crown jewels of the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences are its people.”
We promote education with an emphasis on the student, in collaboration with teaching and administrative staff who are passionate about education and research.
With this basic principle of university education in mind, the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences incorporated educational institution will continue to strive for excellence in university management and innovation.

Fumiyo Kusu, Chairperson

President's Greeting

The Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences this year celebrates the 140th anniversary of its foundation. Our university has successfully nurtured many talented individuals and sent them out to contribute to society as healthcare professionals or as researchers.
The history and traditions of the university have been built on the spirit of its founding principles. We encourage respect for individuality and willingness to take on challenges, as well as guidance and support from teachers and senior students in daily studies and research activities, and friendly rivalry among colleagues.
Today, wracked by the unprecedented scourge of the novel coronavirus, the social environment both in Japan and around the world is at a crossroads. The future that awaits you is very hard to predict.
For this reason, I hope that you will continue to explore matters to help realize your goals and dreams and take on challenges without fear of failure.

Akira Hiratsuka, President

While on the subject, what dreams do you have for your future?
The field you study at university will become your vocation. I hope that each of you will be able to contribute to society and bring happiness to others through your chosen field and profession. To become a professional pharmacist, researcher, or technician in the field of life sciences, it is essential to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in one’s field, but I would like you to focus on two things in particular during your time as a student.
One is nurturing and refining your intellect: your ability to think, understand, and make decisions. The other is having the “spirit of hospitality” that is essential to look after people well.
Amid the current pandemic, medical professionals around the world are fighting hard in their respective fields to protect people's lives, health, and livelihoods.
Students of pharmacy and the life sciences should look carefully at the situation in Japan and around the world and ask themselves what they might learn and do as researchers and technicians in their particular fields in the future.

A university is a place for human development, nurturing the intellect through the pursuit of knowledge.
I ask you all to face the future without undue concern and to set your goals for the years ahead. If you concentrate on what you need to do and make progress, the road ahead and the future will reveal itself.
The Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences respects and supports your individuality and willingness to take on challenges in pursuit of your dreams. I look forward to seeing the growth and progress of each and every one of you.

Akira Hiratsuka, President