Research and Education School of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Degree Programs (Pharmacy)

The educational philosophy of the School of Pharmacy is to provide training in the skills required of a pharmacist working in the medical profession. We aim to foster broad-minded, compassionate individuals who are able to contribute to the welfare of humanity. Naturally, a pharmacist needs the essential pharmaceutical knowledge and appropriate skills. To fulfill his or her responsibilities as a medical professional, however, the pharmacist must rely on this foundation to protect the health and life of the patient while also providing respectful medical care. The School of Pharmacy offers practical training through a six-year curriculum that integrates courses in both Basic and Clinical Pharmacy. In addition, the Graduate School’s Master's Program and comparable graduation thesis research help students to develop problem-solving skills and expertise as medical professionals.

  • Department of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Department of Clinical Applied Pharmacy
  • Department of Clinical Biopharmacy

Graduate Degree Programs (Pharmacy)

The basic philosophy and objectives of the Graduate School of Pharmacy are to train people who can play an active role in the international community, with the best interests of humanity and life at heart. We seek to instill in students a high level of research skills and knowledge, thus promoting pharmaceutical research that contributes to the development of science, technology, and the welfare and health of humanity.
Our programs focus particularly on training healthcare professionals and leaders with a pharmaceutical research background in the fields of higher medicine, pharmaceutical development, and university education.
Moreover, in our adult learning course, we accept people who are currently employed in medical institutions, governmental organizations, companies, and other institutions, and provide them with training in the skills mentioned above.