Admissions How to Apply


1. Check application eligibility

Please check the requirements in the application guidelines.

2. Hold preliminary consultation

Before applying, be sure to contact the faculty advisor of the lecture or laboratory course of your choice and discuss your application with them in advance. If you require prior consultation, please contact us through “Contact Us.”

3. Complete the application procedure

During the application period, please submit the relevant documents specified in the application guidelines.

4. Undergo screening

Selection will be made based on a combination of academic examinations at the university campus, a face-to-face interview, transcripts of results, and the applicant's statement of the reasons for their application.

5. Announce successful applicants

The announcement of acceptance will be posted on our university's bulletin board. A separate announcement will be made regarding the acceptance of individual applicants.

6. Remit course fees and other payments

Please pay tuition fees by the specified date. You will be notified separately about the details of the bank account into which fees are to be paid.

7. Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility

Reference: in a new tab

After your acceptance by our university, we will send you an application form for a Certificate of Eligibility (for use by the organization where the applicant works). Please apply to the Immigration Bureau of Japan for a Certificate of Eligibility.

8. Submission of enrollment documents

Please submit your enrollment documents by the specified date.

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