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International Exchanges

The university has actively pursued exchange from early on to foster an international perspective among students, graduate students, and faculty members.

a. The University of Southern California (USC) and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) (USA)

In 1989 the School of Pharmacy set up academic exchange programs with USC, a pioneer in pharmacy education in the U.S., and similar programs with UCSF in 1995, with a view to enriching clinical pharmacy education in Japan. The exchanges with both schools have been very active over the years. When we offered a graduate school Master's Program in Clinical Pharmacy Studies, every year visiting professors from both schools spent entire semesters on campus, lecturing to our graduate students on clinical pharmacy. As part of our university's original curriculum our graduate students also study abroad at USC and UCSF every year, training in the latest clinical pharmacy in the United States. With the switch to the six-year educational system at the School of Pharmacy, these exchanges continue to expand. Visiting professors from both schools lecture our third-year students on clinical pharmacy and our fifth-year students have the opportunity to study pharmacy at both schools.

b. China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (China)

Since 1984 academic exchanges have been carried out between the School of Pharmacy and the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, a national research institution in China. Almost every year we host guest researchers for a one-year stay that includes both academic and cultural exchanges. To date we have hosted over 40 researchers, most of whom took up teaching positions upon returning to China. Faculty from our university also frequently visit China to hold seminars. In 2009, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of our active exchanges, various activities were held including international seminars, mutual research guidance for graduate students, student training in traditional Chinese medical science, further deepening our strong connection.

c. Dankook University (South Korea)

In 2011, we established an international exchange program with the private Dankook University (DKU) in South Korea. We provided administrative advice to help DKU set up its six-year College of Pharmacy program. Upon the opening of the college we began promoting study and faculty exchanges as well as research projects, interrelated academic meetings, and more.