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Contributions to Community

Based on our educational philosophy, the university makes many efforts to be an open university, such as offering original courses for the public or working in conjunction with the government.

a. The Medicinal Plant Garden

The Medicinal Plant Garden is open to the public. Twice a year we hold a public lecture with a guided tour of the garden, a unique contribution to the community that is popular among local residents and is greatly appreciated by them.

b. The Consortium of Universities in Hachioji

The city of Hachioji established this consortium to take advantage of the presence of 23 universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges in the area. The consortium promotes joint research through cooperation among academia, industry, and government, as well as lifelong learning and exchanges between students and citizens. Our university participates in the consortium and its activities, aimed at improving higher education and enhancing local community development.

c. Lab Classes and Sample Lectures at High Schools

To generate interest among high school students in pharmacy and the life sciences, we hold lab classes and sample lectures at high schools.

d. Postgraduate Education

A postgraduate educational lecture is held each year using facilities in the center of Tokyo. The content of the lecture concerns the most recent practical knowledge related to the work of pharmacists. Participants include not only graduates of our university but current students and practicing pharmacists as well.