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Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences was founded in 1880 as the Tokyo Pharmaceutists School, Japan's first private educational institution to train pharmacists. In over 130 years, the school has produced countless graduates who have helped advance pharmaceutical science, the pharmaceutical industry, and education in Japan. The School of Life Sciences was established in 1994, the first school of its kind in Japan, greatly expanding education and research in this field. A system was established for pursuing molecular and cellular level research in biotechnology and the life sciences that fully embodies the university's original pioneering spirit and philosophy of humanistic education. We aim to educate individuals to become rich in spirit, able to see the world with a broad-minded perspective, and contribute to the welfare of humanity and world peace through the fields of pharmacy and the life sciences.

The university's Latin motto is Flore Pharmacia! Flore Scientia Vitae! ("May Pharmacy and the Life Sciences Flourish!") Our basic educational philosophy is to enable students to develop the ability to think for themselves by carrying out a wide field of experiments and research. At the same time, we put great effort into training with an emphasis on well-grounded ethics to complement highly specialized knowledge and skills.