Pan Chen (潘 辰)

薬学部 (取材当時)

中国・中国中医科学院 出身

海外客員研究員|Wonderful Experiences and Impressions in TUPLS

 My name is Panchen and I am an assistant researcher in the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica. After being selected by the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Japan and study at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (TUPLS) from April 1st, 2018.


 The Department of Clinical Pharmacology is my laboratory for study and research at TUPLS. Professor Hirano is so kind and very patient in helping me. All students including Chinese scholars in the lab respect and love him so much. Dr. Sugiyama is humorous, even if it is very small, he will not spare any help.
Dr. Onda is the instructor in charge of my experiment. We have established a very effective and pleasant communication on the experimental discussion and analysis. His research ideas are advanced and his research attitude is rigorous. So, I have learned a lot of lifelong skills from him. Dr. Tanaka is very gentle, her smile is like the warm sunshine in the winter, which can relieve any pain. All staffs of the International exchange and cooperation office are warm-hearted and they have given me great help and support in my life.


 I spent an unforgettable and impressive two years in my life. I love TUPLS’s strong academic atmosphere and garden-like campus. I love Japanese delicious food and beautiful environment. I love cute and honest Japanese teachers and students. I will cherish this touch forever, and thank you for the wonderful memories of TUPLS in Japan.